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Supporting exhibitors through five major services

ACT International responds to exhibitors’ requests through five major services.

ACT International の5つの業務 図

Japan office for overseas exhibition

ACT International is in exclusive agreement with sponsors of 13*1 overseas exhibitions, mostly in the ASEAN countries, to be the contact point and provide support for Japanese exhibitors.
(*1 As of May 2017) .

Planning and operation of exhibition

Our services include planning and operation of domestic and international events,conducting research for the exhibit, and assisting the application process.

Management of booth design and construction

We design and plan the booth according to each exhibitor’s requests, budget, and ideas, managing the total production of the booth from installation to operation.
Our in-house space designer will consult with the exhibitors to reflect their requests and ideas in the actual booth design.
In exhibits overseas, preparation could hit a snag due to language barrier and cultural differences.
ACT International stays in communication with local partner firms, including preliminary meetings and on-site management and supervision of installation.

Transport of exhibit items

Transport must be scheduled within a short preparation period to meet the deadline (the opening date).
We provide door-to-door transport service in order to minimize the work of the exhibitors.
Our staff will be on-site to provide support in case of trouble and assist with shipping after the exhibit closes.
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